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One Tree Planted

What We Believe 

Here at SimplyQuench we believe in sustainability. We believe that a small change today, can make a huge difference tomorrow and for the tomorrows of generations to come. The world has now opened their eyes to the drastic implications that we as humanity can have on our planet. We have all seen the photos, the documentaries, and heard the stories from the people who have devoted their lives to nature. The people working tirelessly to preserve what we have right now, and to rebuild what has been broken for the future. They cannot do it alone. So this is what we promise. 

Our Promise

Our promise at SimplyQuench is to donate £1 from every order to the independent charity One Tree Planted. Their organisation has been planting millions of trees all over our planet to make a huge difference to our natural world for years to come. Safe habitats for wildlife have been created where others have been lost, eco-systems given a second chance to thrive under safer and more secure measures. Oh and one more thing, they are helping to provide us with the eternal fresh air we all breathe today. 

One Tree Planted

For more information on One Tree Planted please visit their website 

Here you'll be able to find our more about their progress throughout this ongoing mission with their yearly reports, blogs and up to date stories. 

One Tree Planted charges $1 for every tree planted, so each single order will plant a minimum of one tree. 

We can't wait to keep you all up to date with our progress.

Thank you & stay safe,