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About Us

Who We Are

SimplyQuench is a London Based team with an ambition. An ambition to preserve one of life's simple pleasures. Drinking. Whether its alcoholic or soft, fizzy or flat, the basics are the same. "If it's supposed to be cold, then do as your told" seems to sum it up in a nut shell.. and we are here to help!

Who Needs Help?

We see a problem in society on a regular basis. People not respecting the rules of engagement when it comes to gulping away their favourite beer or can of fizzy. Rules being.. BEST SERVED CHILLED! The statement written on virtually every bottle or can we consume from. Okay okay we will let the 'coffee only' drinkers off the hook, but we are speaking to the rest of you.

You know who you are...

  • The warm beer guzzlers.
  • The ambient can gulpers.
  • The lukewarm water sippers.
It's just not good enough folks. We live in a 21st century world where we purchase our drink straight from an ice cold fridge. We actually pay for electricity at home in order to keep those same drinks ice cold. So, let's do them the common courtesy of consuming them at their best! Let's preserve every last drop as if it were our last. Don't sit back and watch your cold refreshment perish in the sunlight. Take charge and put an end to room temperature misery.

So.. Now We Are All Present..

Here at SimplyQuench we like to stick to the basics, which in simple terms for us meant not reinventing something that doesn't need to be. Right? So we didn't!
We have kept the structural look of a standard beer bottle and applied this to ensure that it holds the credentials for the job of keeping your prized beverage cold & secure.
Not only this, but nobody wants to look like they are going on a community walk with their hot coffee flask now do they. 
We then wanted a seamless route from bottle to can, or vice versa. This is where the Quick Twist components became very important to us. We know first hand that there is nothing more stressful than having to fiddle around with something in the street for 5 minutes all for a relatively simple outcome. So, in light of this the QuenchKit has been designed to be able to swap from bottle to can in under 5 seconds! But we are adamant you can do it even faster... 
Now although we have kept to the basics in terms of practicality, we wanted the QuenchKit to be a real head turner. We wanted people to grasp with both hands and enjoy it up close. This is why the matte black anti-sweat coating was a no brainer. It not only allows the consumer to have a dry warm hand, but also be able to have a firm effortless grip whilst holding. 
So, without further a-do head over to the QuenchKit page NOW to check out how good it really looks up close...